What to do if you spot multiple drones

Photo courtesy: Pixaby/MGN
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As the Federal Aviation Administration, the Nebraska State Patrol and other agencies gather information on suspicious drone activity, the Nebraska Information Analysis Center encourages the public to report suspicious activity using the Nebraska Information Analysis Center reporting tool.

People are being asked to report sightings of clusters of four or more (not single sightings) UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) and include the location and general direction and movement of the UAS clusters.

Also pay attention to the lights (configuration, number, color, patters), estimated size, number of rotors, if fixed-wing and shape(s). Also listen to what it sounds like.

NIAC is also interested to know the flight behavior (Did they fly straight, move side to side, up/down, back/forth, in a grid-patter, over what area). Try to keep track of how long you observed the drones.

Another thing to look out for is "control vehicles/personnel, SUVs, vans or trailers, possibly with antenna".

If possible, take or obtain any video of the objects and email it to nefusioncenter@nebraska.gov.

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