What makes the Olympic Swim Trials pool fast?

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Many keeping tabs on the Olympic Swim Trials have heard the pool used in the trials described as the “fast pool” or a “fast lane.” WOWT 6 News decided to look into what those phrases really mean to non-swimmers.

"This is all we do – build pools. So if we want to sell a lot of pools, we better build fast pools,” said Trevor Tiffany.

Trevor Tiffany, Board Chairman of Mrytha Pools, the company that built and designed the pools says it takes a lot to make the pool fast.

"We design them so that the water flow gets out of the pool very quickly, that the pool is always level, the enter turbulence lanes so that everyone has equal water and equal space,” said Tiffany.

Specially designed starting blocks always help. It's amazing though because looking at it, it's hard to remember it's just a temporary pool.

“To be blunt – the pool is like a giant erect-a-set, it's put together and taken down in parts. Every piece has to be able to fit through a doorway," said Tiffany.

And this pool make and model is trusted, so much so you will see a similar one in Rio for the Olympics.

"We finished it about two or three months ago for the test event, and so the swimmers will be going there and swimming again in a Mrytha pool so they will be happy,” said Tiffany.

And that is what the swimmers want familiar pools. The chairman did joke, the easiest way to have a fast pool is to have fast swimmers, which they definitely did Wednesday night. The main pool and the warm up pool are temporary pools right now, but they both have been sold. One will go to Fargo North, Dakota and the other to an Indian Tribe in California where they will become permanent pools.