West Omaha rock gains internet fame, claims another victim

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Since appearing on 6 News last month, the "West Maple rock" has claimed another victim — and gained quite the internet following.

Googly-eyes is just one of the many additions to this rock located in West Omaha that is gaining fame and a following for causing interesting collisions.

On Monday a black SUV broke a two-week streak after running up the boulder, the boulder that's now famous for stopping unexpected drivers in mid-air, literally. That accident came after the curb was painted yellow and reflectors were added late last week.

Monday's accident was documented on the west Omaha rock's multiple social media platforms. Those pages sprung up shortly after 6 News first report and now has followers from all over the world. People come to pose, leave gifts and even try their own hand at climbing the rock.

When you look it up on Google Maps, it’s now listed as a "world famous" tourist destination with a five-star rating and more than a dozen rave reviews.

While it’s newfound fame has brought curiosity seekers to the area, people who have been around the rock for years say seeing each new accident never gets old.

“I've noticed the last couple days there have been a bunch of photos like taping photos to it, like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which was really funny. There was another one of Sean Connery from the movie "The Rock." Someone taped up some googly eyes on there that actually got knocked off today, but I've noticed people come and go park over there and take selfies with it,” said rock watcher Brendon Worshek.

6 News is continuing to reach out with the property owners and managers to see whether they will be making any more decisions on how to approach the continued problem of drivers on the rock.