Wedding venue prepares for eased restrictions with new safety measures

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 8:11 PM CDT
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We are well into the wedding season and many couples are still waiting for word on if and when they can have a large reception. One event venue has developed safety guidelines in hopes the governor will ease restrictions.

The owner of A View asks a bride to visualize a safe wedding reception of far more than 10 people.

Brandi Goldapp, A View venue said, “We will escort them in, show them where they’re seated. Bring them their drinks and escort them up to the buffet line. ”

Brandi established rules for her venue from social distance serving space and sanitizing. She believes her precautions should allow for large receptions.

Brandi Goldapp, A View venue said, “safely I believe you would be able to do 200 people in a room that would typically seat 320.”

That number has a nice ring to it for a July 18th wedding.

Miranda Klabunde, a bride said, “Our only issue is we just have a really big wedding but we may have to limit that and I can see the whole process working and being safe.”

Despite Brandi’s wedding venue guidelines Governor Ricketts doesn’t want to invite trouble.

”If you are looking to do the wedding reception that is still not going to be possible at least more than 10 people. But the wedding itself would be possible if you want to do that in a social distance way as certainly again as we look to loosen restrictions down the road, this is one of the things we will evaluate,” said Ricketts.

Brandi Goldapp said, “We’re excited and that makes us very hopeful that he’s willing to listen to our suggestions and recommendations so June hopefully it’s a whole different story.”

One written with enough guidelines to convince the governor larger receptions can be held safely.

Out of 130 weddings booked here this season only one bride had a lawyer send a letter demanding a refund and the event staff hopes if the governor eases restrictions, this will be the last one.

The owner of A-View has kept her nine full-time event planners thanks to federal payroll assistance funds which stop in June. But a full staff means wedding receptions won’t miss a beat when the governor allows them.