Wedding dress collection missing after bad business deal

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- One woman fears the worst after a partnership in the wedding business costs her a collection of wedding dresses.

Sharon Whalen of Omaha, saw a business opportunity when looking to sell or rent her collection of eight consignment wedding dresses she had for potential customer’s special days.

“I have all these wedding dresses and maybe I can sell them, make some money, I could use some money,” said Whalen.

According to Whalen, a lot of girls are wanting antique looking wedding dresses and she had eight of them along with accessories to sell, she just needed some advertising.

James Anderson, whose card says is an ordained minister and Lincoln Wedding Chapel owner offered to advertise the wedding dresses. He signed an agreement with Whalen to sell or rent her collection.

Now they’re missing.

“I wanted them back because they cost me something and I didn’t think under his contract that he should be able to just keep them and never give you a dime,” said Whalen.

6 On Your Side reached out to Anderson over the phone.

“I have no comment at this time,” said Anderson. Then he hung up the phone after we asked if he knew where the dresses were.

The Better Business Bureau reports the Lincoln Wedding Chapel shut down.

“And you don’t have a cooperative participant willing to work with you to try and get your stuff back it can be extremely challenging. Our investigators have been trying to track information down and we will do whatever we can to see if we can locate it. So far, we have not been able to do that,” said Jim Hegarty with the Better Business Bureau.

Whalen wants her collection back.

“Did he sell them or are they somewhere where I can get them,” said Whalen.

The landlord of the Chapel says Anderson was not evicted, he left on his own but no dresses were found in the building.

Anderson was evicted from his rental home and that landlord says a cleanup crew initially saw the dresses there, but when workers came back for a final cleanup, the door had been kicked in and the dresses were gone.