Website ripoff help for startup business owner

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A scam victim is grateful for an outpouring of help after Six on Your Side reported her story. The offers for free assistance started coming in just hours after the investigation.

For her startup, company JoAnn Hoffman paid $7,500 to a website builder who never got started and hasn’t refunded her money.

After 21 website designers offered to help HOffman, she first chose a UNO cyber security instructor for advice.

"Even if they’re going to do it for free, before you have them do anything, make sure you have a contract saying what the expectations are. How they are going to accomplish it," said Chris Daniels.

An offer from Search Actions, based in Pennsylvania, seems to fit JoAnn's website needs.

"It’s not an if you build it they will come kind of thing. She wants a viable online business, not just a website. We’re happy to get her back on that path," said Adam LaFaber of Search Actions.

After losing money in a website development scheme, Hoffman found hope in offers to help.

"I received all these replies and offers for free help. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this," said Hoffman.

Proof that guidance from online business builders and protectors can lessen the bite of a web spider.

Police are investigating allegations that the victim paid Ted Molina of Lunar Advertising $7500 four months ago, but no website has been produced.

Various messages to Molina and the company haven’t been returned.