First Alert Weather team breaks down the flooding situation along Missouri River

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- The 6 News First Alert Weather Team has been on your side, tracking the latest in minor to moderate flooding along the Missouri River, and is breaking down what is happening during round three of rising waters.

Courtesy of: National Weather Service Missouri Basin River Forecast Center

According to weather expert Mallory Schnell, the flooding situation is not due to our recent rainfall totals, but rather the heavy rain that has fallen off to the north from the Dakotas over the past few weeks.

The Missouri River in Omaha reached flood stage Wednesday, which is 29-feet and is expected to crest sometime between Thursday and Saturday.

Weather expert Clay Ostarly said rainfall totals within the Missouri River Basin during the first two weeks of the month have been as high as 600% above normal.

All of that rain brings us to Gavin’s Point Dam.

The water from the Missouri River Basin flows to Gavin’s Point Dam before being released downstream into the Missouri River.

Wednesday the release rate is down to 60,000 CFS. Releases from Gavin’s Point will gradually increase through the rest of the week and weekend, until the rate is back up to 80,000 CFS, Ostarly said.