WOWT photographer Mike Plews retires after 46 years

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 6:57 PM CDT
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A big shout out for a long-time photographer here at 6 News. Our John Chapman turns the camera on a man we call Pierre, who once this story airs, is retiring.

Mike Plews has always been a photographer. Mike has snapped so many still pictures, he filled a book of the photos he took with his cell phone.

Forty years ago, Mike picked up a video camera at WOWT, covering thousands of stories from disastrous floods to politics.

“Well I think 40 years it's kind of hard to pick one or two out, but I think that when Bob Kerrey ran for president that was a big deal. Gary Kerr and I followed him all the way through his campaign and that was quite an experience, and I think another story that really stands out for me was the story of the lynching of Will Brown so that was a story I thought we really needed to tell and I was proud to tell it,” said Plews recalling stories he’s told.

Now after forty years at 6 News, Mike has decided to retire.

"I'll miss the people I work with. I will not miss five-hour standoffs in freezing rain, but I will miss the people I got to work with, I will miss them very much."

Mike began his career in TV-journalism in September of 1974 in Sioux City. He retires today after 46 years in the business.