Volunteers help the cutoff Riverside Lakes residents

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) - Residents of Riverside Lakes in western Douglas County remained cut off from other communities by deep floodwater on Monday.

The only entrance was covered, but some people desperately needed to be able to get into town.

"They have prescription meds they need," resident Jenny Woodward explained.

She picked up medicine for neighbors inside and 6 On Your Side made the delivery thanks to airboat owner, Brad Brown.

"I'm just one of many guys and we just happen to be in the right location with this airboat," Brown said.

After the airboat pulled up to a makeshift dock made of mud, 6 On Your Side's Mike McKnight went looking for a specific resident.

"Are you Molly? Yes, I'm Mike McKnight, Channel 6. Someone gave this to bring to you. Looks like it's pretty important medicine?" McKnight said to the resident.

Some of her neighbors were shuttling out on airboats piloted by other volunteers.

"And I just want the kid to be closer to doctors and resources and family, and I don't want to get stuck here," resident Jennifer Mayotte said.

Many residents remained put, just enjoying their neighbors' company while waiting for the road to be repaired.

"It's a great community, we help each other out here and we get by," one resident said.

Airboat captain Brown said if any of them need to get off their island, he would be happy to provide a free, three-minute ride across.

"Everybody out here wanted to live on an island, but this isn't what we were talking about," a resident said.