Volunteers donate tables to victims still rebuilding after the Heartland Flood

Published: Feb. 29, 2020 at 6:41 PM CST
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Many families across the metro are still looking for relief nearly a year after the Heartland Flood, but right now a number of local groups are coming together to help with some of that relief.

This is King Lake Road in Valley. This is just one of the money homes on the street that was flooded last March. Many people that live on the street are still out of their homes.

Just a few moments ago we watched as volunteers brought in a dinner table for one family.

The volunteers telling us something as simple as a dinner table means so much for these families.

We spoke with the family just moments ago. They have a simple message to all the families going through the same thing; never give up hope.

The family tells us this will be the first time they are able to sit down in almost a year and eat around a dinner table in their home.

"It means a lot, because you take a lot of things for granted, you know until you don't have it. And then, and then something little like this, you know I mean Little things like this little but it's not, it's, it's huge,” said Denise Bonacci.

One of the volunteers is the associate athletic director at the University of Nebraska. He says the idea to make tables came from a conversation around his own dinner table with his family.

Habitat for Humanity has been helping rebuild homes in this area. They say, there are still many out of their homes.