Volunteers clean up after Downtown Omaha protests

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 11:40 AM CDT
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After the third night of protests in the metro, volunteers took to the streets yet again today to clean up.

"We've walked much of the Old Market into the middle of Downtown and cleaned up," Jesse Norman, the senior pastor at My City Church said. "But today is much better, it's much cleaner. It seems a lot less destructive today than it was yesterday."

The difference between Sunday and Monday morning as the sun rose over the metro was visible.

"Yesterday we did about eight truckloads of trash bags, today it's just about one or two," Norman explained.

rallied its members to get together at 7 this morning and got to work.

The majority of the clean up was sweeping up broken glass from shattered windows.

"A lot of trash, water bottles, wrappers, masks kind of flying around," volunteer Abby Deidel explained. "But most of it was glass from broken windows."

For Casey Reale, the church's next step pastor, the damage still left outside reflects what's going on inside of people's hearts.

"There's still work to be done. Not just clean up of the physical, but the clean up of the emotional, the spiritual, the mental. That there's repair that has to be done," Reale said.

Repairs volunteers out today and over the weekend seem to be willing to make.

"It makes me proud that people want to come out and take ownership and be a part of the change," Reale said.

The Omaha downtown improvement district also put out a statement today. They praised protesters for mostly peaceful action and said additional damage was minimal.