Viral video raises concern about local law enforcement using excessive force

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SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) - A video being passed around on social media has caused some to express concern about a Sarpy County deputy using excessive force.

In the viral video, witnesses say the deputy pointed his weapon at the teen.

WARNING: Video contains profanity

It's hard to tell from the video if the weapon is a gun or a TASER, but the person who shot the video said it's a gun.

"After a while, after telling him to put the gun away, he put it away and then got the TASER out and started pointing the TASER at him," Rainin Jacobs said.

The teen in the car is her friend.

Sources told 6 News that neighbors called to complain about an all-night party that lingered into the next day and that just before the video was recorded, a teenage boy was in the car as deputies tried to take him into custody for warrants out of Douglas County. That person ran off.

"He was in cuffs when he ran and an officer did chase him," Jacobs said.

She said she didn't see what happened before that point, just that she thought excessive force was used.

"That's when everything started getting serious and I needed to start recording," Jacob said.

In the video, the deputy can be heard telling the teen to stay in the car, but he tries to get out.

It's still not clear whether the deputy pulled his gun or his TASER, but Jacobs and her mom said it was an emotional event.

The Sarpy County Sheriff's OFfice posted a statement on their social media pages saying they are aware of the incident and have watched the video. A review is being conducted.