Victims testify against foster father accused of sexual assault

Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 8:28 PM CST
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Two victims gave testimony Tuesday against their former foster parent and retired Omaha firefighter, Lee Dunbar Sr. He’s accused of sexually assaulting his former foster children.

The testimony from two young girls, now 14 and 11 years old, was emotional. Through tears, both victims answered questions from prosecutors about what happened to them just a few years ago.

Lee Dunbar Senior was arrested in December of 2016 because of charges leveled against him by foster children. Two of those foster children took the stand Tuesday to testify to their experiences with "daddy Dunbar" as they referred to him.

While living with Dunbar and his wife, both victims recalled watching movies in his bedroom, on his bed, as he touched them inappropriately and forced them to perform oral sex on him. One of the girls testified this happened multiple times. The girls testified Dunbar's wife was not around when the alleged abuse occurred.

Both of the young girls’ adoptive parents also took the stand Tuesday. They stated that both girls suffered from behavioral issues following their time with the Dunbars. One victim would act out defiantly and throw fits. The other would act out sexually with other young children.

Both girls had a hard time making any sort of eye contact with Dunbar during their testimony in court.

A call from jail to his wife on January 5th 2017 lead to more charges against Dunbar Sr. He had already been arrested on similar charges stemming from allegations that came from one of his foster children. During the investigation, Omaha Police Detective Robin Bruning reviewed and listened to this particular call – as all inmate phone conversations are recorded. On the stand, Detective Bruning stated that during that call Dunbar told his wife details which lead to a new charge involving another of their foster children.

The new charge involved a young relative of the Dunbar family. The foster child, Dunbar claimed, connected to this charge had yet to come forward at the time.

Dunbar's wife is expected to take the stand Wednesday along with two other victims and a medical examiner.