Victim recovering after being hit by alleged street racer

The 18-year-old who was hit by a car while watching an illegal street race Friday night is now out of the hospital.

Video of the incident near Abbott Drive and Crown Point Avenue in Omaha shows the shocking moment when Devin Vibar was hit by that car.

"I really couldn't believe it. I really couldn't believe I got hit by a car going that fast and I made it out with just the injuries that I have," Vibar said.

He’s been released from the hospital. In the police report it says he had a head laceration and fractured nose.

"I had back pain and that was all I could really feel at the time. Someone told me my head was bleeding and I looked over there, there is a spot from where I was bleeding," Vibar said.

He was hurt when police say a driver under the influence was illegally street racing his 1991 Honda Civic. The driver lost control, jumped the median and plowed into three onlookers.

"I was on to the median, he went through the sign that was the first thing I heard, I didn't hear him until he hit the sign and then I remember getting kind of hit and thrown and then I kind of blacked out," Vibar said.

That driver was identified as Daniel Ramirez. He was cited for DUI; Driving Without Insurance and reckless driving.

According to the police report the driver tried to leave the scene but stopped in a nearby parking lot.

Two of the three people hit were taken to the hospital with what police reported as, "possibly serious injury."

"I opened my eyes, there were like 20 people around me and someone was trying to move my legs but this girl was pushing them way and helping me," Vibar said.

Vibar said he wan't his decision to go to the street races to be a cautionary tale. He's not planning on going to another and wants others to stay away too.

He said in the end, the blame is on more than just Ramirez.