Victim identified and two suspects arrested in Wednesday shooting

Published: Oct. 27, 2016 at 8:44 AM CDT
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Authorities have identified the victim of a shooting Wednesday afternoon as Cristian Pastrana-Marin, 32. Two suspects are in custody in the case.

Police were called to 30th and Chicago Street shortly before 5 p.m. October 26. They found the victim critically injured. Police with the help of a witness quickly tracked down two suspects. They located two suspects overnight. Darwin Johnson, 20, was arrested for Attempted Murder, Felon in Possession of a Gun and Tampering With Evidence. Page Green, 18, was booked for Accessory to a Felony and Tampering With Evidence.

Page's grandfather says she is a good girl who got tied up with bad people.

“She was enrolled in college to go to school she was a smart girl I don’t know how she got talked into going,” said Carl Green. “Page is a good kid she just got tied up with the wrong person. When she turned 18 it just seemed like everything went to hell.”

People who live and work in the area say the sound of gunfire in the area is not unusual. Sabrina Dumond works in the hotel across the street from the shooting scene. Dumond said they heard the gunshots, but they were not concerned or afraid.

“Not really I'm kind of used to stuff happening that's crazy in Omaha especially since I work around this area,” she said.