Veterans honor fallen heroes on Memorial Day

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- This year’s Memorial Day holiday will look different because of the global pandemic but as a group of veterans tells us, that's not stopping them from honoring their fallen.

"Memorial day is not about the party or anything. It's about remembering our comrades,” said Greg Petersen, Post Adjutant American Legion Post 374.

For the last 9 years Petersen has been placing flags by the graves of fallen heroes.

"Between the cemeteries that we do, we put up 4 to 500 flags. And it increases each year unfortunately,” said Petersen.

Other members of American Legion Post 374 are by his side, placing flags at three different cemeteries. Carrying on the promise they made the day they joined the service.

"You're faithful to God. You're faithful to the country, you're faithful to one another. And it doesn't mean alive or dead. You're still faithful to that individual. And that's what we're doing today is being faithful to our brothers and sisters who went before us,” said Steve Lahrs, Riders Director American Legion Post 374.

If you look closely you'll spot a few coins.

“If it's a penny it represents that that individual has been visited by another veteran,” said Lahrs.

Nickels, dimes, and quarters all mean something different.

"If you do see a quarter on a headstone, that individual was with them at the time of death,” said Lahrs. "It's very important that every person, regardless of the age, that you come out here or just take a moment in time this weekend and recognize that your freedom wasn't free. It was paid for a price."