Veteran forges ahead after a close call on long walk for Wounded Warriors

SCRIBNER, Neb. (WOWT) -- Close calls don’t get much closer than one of them got to Ken Brock Tuesday. The veteran and his dog were clipped by a semi during a trek across the country to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

The walk from Florida to Idaho was interrupted by the semi just east of Scribner.

"Everything from the cart went all over the place," Brock said. He and his dog, Pam, were nearly killed.

A car passed the 18-wheeler and slowed down, forcing the truck driver to veer off the highway.

"There was nothing I could do,” Brock said. “The car was coming to my right. The 18-wheeler was coming to my left along the ditch in the grass line and all we could do was just stand there."

Just prior to the chaos unfolding, he had pulled over to accept a donation.

“The 18-wheeler went past us. The back end of his trailer caught the NAPA bucket that was attached to the stroller and whipped the front around and the front wheel of the stroller caught the back wheel of the trailer."

He immediately tried to locate his best buddy.

“As it went by I looked for Pam and she wasn't there," he said. "I looked to where the 18-wheeler went looking for Pam, and she was nowhere to be found. Then I looked behind me, and she was sitting there, wagging her tail."

Those moments when he didn't know where she had gone left him shaken.

“My heart stopped," Brock said. "She's my world. My world revolves around her."

Brock said the truck driver saved their lives. "I just thanked him profusely for how he controlled the truck. If he did anything differently it would have ended catastrophically. For him or for us."

Back on the road Wednesday, he said it's tough, but he thought long and hard about it this morning before hitting the road.

"I sat there for 45 minutes and contemplated whether to throw in the towel or come out here and keep going. And I decided to come back out and keep going."

The determined duo is just a little more than halfway through their more-than 2,600-mile journey.

Ken and Pam began their walk in February. He said he's hoping to arrive in Idaho, where his daughters live, in time to walk in the Fourth of July parade.