VIDEO: Watch a mountain lion kitten in the Nebraska wilderness

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CHADRON, Neb. (WOWT) -- Turn out, baby mountain lions are much like most kittens: they sleep in weird positions, they mew incessantly at times, and they will climb on things they maybe shouldn't.

A mountain lion kitten was caught on motion-activated video in Nebraska National Forest near Chadron, Neb. Game & Parks posted footage taken in July 2018 on its YouTube channel on Oct. 23, 2019. (Nebraska Game & Parks)

Recently posted video from the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission's YouTube page shows a lone mountain lion kitten in its den, doing what kittens do.

The four-minute video clips together footage from a motion-activated camera placed near a collared female mountain lion's two-week old kitten in Dawes County, text in the video states. The video was posted on Oct. 23, 2019, but is timestamped July 13, 2018, at the beginning and July 14, 2018, at the end.

The tiny mountain lion in the video doesn't appear to be very mobile — or agile — staying close to the same location for much of the video, and moving very slowly — and wobbly — when it does venture around the den.

Then the mewing starts.

About a minute and 20 seconds into the video, the kitten gets vocal, and then seems to hunt around a small perimeter, crying out all the while.

In the last half of the video, the baby big cat takes an interest in the camera itself, giving the audience an extreme close-up before attempting to climb across the screen — mewing all the way.

Not to worry: It all ends well.

Momma mountain lion turns up to tend to her kitten, and the video text informs viewers that the "kitten was taken to another den site, where its siblings had already been moved."