Urban farm project heading for Midtown

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Forget big fields and acres of land, this residency program is set in the heart of Omaha. The Big Muddy Urban Farm is fixed inside a Midtown neighborhood. It’s an opportunity to learn about farming and the business behind it. Taylor Jespersen is one of a select few residents ready to take part in the aspiring farmer residency program.

"The urban farming thing is very new to me, but I'm excited to see what that looks like,” said Jespersen.

For nearly an entire year, he'll be learning all about the business behind farming.

"The first few months will be just us building the business plan, the crop plan, what we want to grow. Then we'll move into the actual process of doing that,” said Jespersen.

The transition to get Big Muddy Urban Farm program to where it is now didn't happen overnight. Brent Lubbert, director of the program, says it’s evolved from its original plans.

"It was about an 11-mile radius when we started, but now it's about like less than half a mile,” said Brent Lubbert.

All the farming can now be done within walking distance from the two homes.

Lubbert said residents will not only learn the importance of farming but help them develop the broader vision.

"You're deep into planning on what kind of seeds you will get, where are they going to get planted, who is the food going to get sold to,” said Lubbert.

While Jespersen says he has a background in agriculture, he's also ready to learn a lot about what he calls a changing market.

"The more I've read, the more I've talked with other new farmers, I think this really is kind of the direction of the future for agriculture,” Jespersen said.

With just a couple weeks until move-in day he's ready to seize every moment he can in this experience.

"This is kind of the only way a lot of us can get our feet under us and get that practical experience,” he said.