Up close look at ATM skimmer suspects in action

We’ve warned you before about devices attached to gas pumps that steal your credit card number. But tech thieves have upped the ante by placing skimmers on bank ATMs.

9am Saturday December 8th, a skimming suspect installs hidden devices on a Papillion area ATM.

Papillion Deputy Police Chief Chris Whitted said, ”I think its quite a sophisticated operation.”

After installing a small skimmer in the card slot the suspect pulls out fake molding with adhesive backing that he peels off like its factory new. The device designed to blend in and spy on unsuspecting customers withdrawing cash.

Whitted said, “That’s capturing key pad data. Generally you’ve got to enter your pin and that’s what they need to maybe create a fake card and go to another ATM and pull out a withdrawal.”

9PM that same Saturday night, a female accomplice shows up to remove the skimmer and camera strip. Whitted said, “It even took her knowing it’s there several seconds to locate it. That’s how well its hidden.”

The skimming electronics attached to the ATM for 12 hours on Saturday December 8th. Only four customers used it during that period and one noticed an unauthorized withdrawal a few days later. Bank officials checked the video and called Papillion police. But by then the devices and suspects were gone.

About the same time as this case other banks in the metro reported skimmers found on ATMs. Investigators believe the suspects are part of an organized group that moves across the country. If you recognize them call Sarpy County Crimestoppers at 402-592-STOP or Papillion police.