Unlicensed contractor tears down trust

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Customers who paid an Omaha contractor thousands of dollars are frustrated by unfinished projects and unpaid subs. They could have saved money and stress by checking for a license before writing checks.

When contracting with a contractor to remodel her salon, Maggie Degunia trusted costs and that the deadline would be permanent.

“Being two months late, it cost me over 11 grand in business I lost just from not being open,” said Degunia.

Despite paying painting and remodeling, she also paid for materials and subs.

“I got stuck paying twice because he didn’t pay the electrician, he didn’t pay the plumber, he didn’t pay the subcontractor,” said Degunia.

This sounds familiar to Ash who hired the same contractor for a kitchen remodeling.

“Basically I had to pay for it twice because I’ve already paid him for it, and I had to pay for it again,” said Ash.

Both customers believe they hired a licensed contractor, so 6 On Your Side asked Chief Building Inspector Mike Wilwerding to check.

“Nothing so there’s nothing under the last name Ramirez and there’s nothing under Dag’s,” said Wilwerding.

Contractor Herzog Rameriz of Dag’s Painting and Remodeling admitted he doesn’t hold a contractor's license.

Though not having a license he does have insurance. Both claims for thousands of dollars have been turned over to his agent.

Herzog Ramirez of Dag’s Painting and Remodeling claims to have used licensed subcontractors on projects and didn’t think he needed one himself.

To check if a contractor has a license check out the cities list here.