Unique supplement for fish farms developed at biotech company in Blair

BLAIR, Neb. (WOWT) -- A company creating a new supplement to the food fed to farmed fish opened it's doors today in Blair.

The new oil, called algal oil, contains the omega fatty acids fish are known for — it's why some people eat fish at all.

Typically, fish build up the amount of omega fatty acids in their bodies by eating smaller fish that feed off naturally occurring algae. But because many marine populations have been overfished, Veramaris wants to take a greener approach to their fish's diets.

Instead of feeding their schools smaller fish, they are cutting out the middle of the food chain and adding Nebraska-made algal oil to the feed — a step that Gov. Pete Ricketts says matches Nebraksa's green message.

"Nebraska is on the forefront of creating innovative solutions to the world's problems and make our planet more sustainable," Ricketts said.

The algal oil made at the plant will be sold to fish farmers around the world. It's not sold in the U.S. yet, but Veramaris hopes to change that by the end of the year.