U.S. Senate candidate says he won't drop out following sexual harassment complaint

Chris Janicek is running for U.S. Senator of Nebraska. (Courtesy of Chris Janicek Facebook...
Chris Janicek is running for U.S. Senator of Nebraska. (Courtesy of Chris Janicek Facebook page) (WOWT)
Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 7:10 PM CDT
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The Nebraska Democratic Party demands Chris Janicek to drop out of the race for U.S. senate.

This comes after what the party calls

Monday night, the executive committee of the Nebraska Democratic Party voted unanimously to cut ties with the Chris Janicek campaign. That means no money and no resources.

This after one of his female staffers filed a code of conduct complaint against him.

Chris Janicek plans to stay on the ticket to face Ben Sasse in the November election.

Our radio partner KFAB obtained the text messages in question where Chris Janicek is alleged to have said in the voice text – this is paraphrase due to explicit language -- "do you think the campaign should spend some.." money on three guys to have sex with her.

Later he said it was a joke and apparently wrote, "I want to issue apologies again for my tasteless statements."

The female staff member has quit his campaign.

Chris Janicek, an Omaha baker, won the May primary with 31 percent of the vote among democrats.

Janicek said Tuesday, that he won't drop out of the race.

Jane Kleeb, the state chair of the party said, "Our democratic party has no tolerance for sexual harassment."

She went on to say that they won't support a candidate who doesn't treat women with the dignity and the respect they deserve.

Here's the full statement from Chris Janicek's campaign manager, it reads, "We are not dropping out. This is between our campaign and a staffer. It is unfortunate and inexcusable. Yes, it happened. Chris apologized. He apologized in person and she accepted."

The Nebraska Democratic Party could replace his name on the ballot for November but he would have to formally resign.

The Douglas County Republican Party chairwoman Theresa Thibodeau released a statement regarding the text messages saying, “These text messages are not just inappropriate, they are disgusting. As a woman, I find these comments and Mr. Janicek's excuse of them being 'jokes' repugnant. There is no place for this type of harassment anywhere, and especially not in the workplace."

The DCRP is calling for Janicek to publicly apologize and donate at least $10,000 to a woman's shelter to support women victimized by abusive behavior.