Turn that pile into a smile

Published: Feb. 21, 2019 at 2:14 PM CST
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It can take a little work to turn those piles of snow into smiles aglow. But we found a team that’s up to the challenge.

Alicia Schatz shared the picture of the spray chalk that met the snowbank and between the two they managed to pose the query: “Do you wanna build a snowman?” – a riff on the song from Disney’s


. The artists are John and Emily.

Andrea Robertson shared the picture she calls “Snow Day” and somewhere bundled up in her winter finery, a young girl is offering her opinion about it. We’re not sure if that’s a Yea or a Nay on her face but she’s definitely committed to her take on the whole business.

Nathan Dickey sent along the picture of a young Snow Eradication Technician with the blues. It wasn’t all the scraping and tossing that bugged him. It was his brother - who dumped a big glop of snow in one of our intrepid snow scooper's freshly shoveled spaces. Nathan calls the picture, “Snow Removal Gone Wrong.” And this is just conjecture but the next picture in Nathan’s camera might just be called, “Hey, Quit Chasing Your Brother Around With That Shovel!”

Glen Jagels took the pictures of the Polar Bear that’s taken up residence in his yard until the thaw. Claire was the sculptor. It even features a Coke, just like those polar bears in the TV commercials are fond of quaffing.

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