Turkey day food tangles home plumbing

Published: Nov. 25, 2016 at 11:02 AM CST
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Call it the revenge of the holiday bird - a parting shot on the arrivederci trail. The day after Thanksgiving is a hotbed of action for plumbers.

Plumbing Problems

If your holiday planning included everything but the kitchen sink, your planning didn't go far enough.

As traditions go, this one won't make the cut in your warehouse of holiday memories, but plumbing trouble is as much of a Thanksgiving staple as stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Kicking your kitchen into overdrive can be taxing on you and the tools you use when you throttle-up for the holiday.

After families finish off Thanksgiving meals, many find their kitchen plumbing clogged from all that prepping and cooking of the big meal. Local plumbers are out in force to fix the pipes, clear the drains and get you flowing again.

Inside Ryan Bessmer's home, Burton service tech Joe Fitzgarrald was shown what seemed to be the problem. Downstairs, his sink was backed up with sludge in the bottom of the drain. The issue started in the kitchen. It's a common call the day after Thanksgiving as techs like Fitzgarrald were called to fix a clogged drain or backed up garbage disposal because of overloading pipes with fats and oils. “Found the problem, go to work.”

"I'll tell you, I have some guys living with me right now, I'm going to blame one of them for sticking too much food down the drain," said Bessmer. "I don't want to take on all the fault onto myself, I don't know really exactly what caused it. I would say that in general maybe not a good idea to push a bunch of food down a garbage disposal."

Fitzgarrald says never pour fat, grease or oil, celery or turkey skin down the drain. "You want to make sure you scrape your food off into the trash can, don't just shove a bunch of stuff down there. No egg peelings, potato or your dinner or anything down that disposal."

With special equipment, work began to clear the sludge. "It is the day after Thanksgiving, so a lot of people love to stuff their turkeys or their dinners down the garbage disposal."

Fitzgarrald opened a sewer line to put in a special camera to make a final check that everything was clear once again. And with that, he wrapped up the call and headed off to another. The busy afternoon continued.