Turkey War takes over Omaha street

Published: Nov. 19, 2018 at 2:41 PM CST
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In the outdoor decoration business, Thanksgiving is often overlooked between Halloween characters and Christmas light shows.

At the intersection of Willow Creek Rd. and Borman St. in southwest Omaha, that's not the case. Two homeowners are in a friendly competition.

The whole thing started two years ago.

"He saw my turkey and put two more up," Dan Vacha said.

Their neighbors, the Friskopp family, let them know who was king of Thanksgiving that year.

"My husband sent a friendly text and said, 'We won!'" Amanda Friskopp said. "The next year, they started out with more."

This year's inflatable turkey war is the biggest one yet.

The birds are on the roof and in the trees. There are big ones, and baby ones and everything in between.

"When I saw a local hardware store had a sale on turkeys, I stocked up," Vacha said.

The Friskopp family made it easier for anyone keeping count. There's a chalkboard in the middle of the lawn with the number 12 written on it. The number 10 had been crossed off.

"I added that this year," Friskopp said.

Vacha hadn't seen the sign and the number change until Sunday.

"I have two on standby ready to go if he throws some more up there," he said.

Paxton Friskopp, who is eight, wants to win the battle of inflatable turkeys. He knew the right answer when asked what would happen if the neighbors bought another inflatable turkey.

"Buy two more," he said.

They may need more than that to win.