Truck crashes into pharmacy Wednesday morning

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Omaha Police responded to an accident Wednesday morning where a truck crashed into the Kubat Pharmacy on 49th and Center.

This accident set back months of work that was just completed to an addition that was scheduled to be unveiled in a couple of weeks. The addition to the building was to cater to those with mobility needs, according to the pharmacy’s CFO Teresa Hartman.

“My first thought is that I was heart broke. This was going to be a much nicer set up for them,” said Hartman.

Patients who need wheelchairs will need to go off-site to their warehouse, and with the power out, employees are out of a job, according to Hartman.

“We occupy the basement of this building with administrative offices so I had to send those eight employees home,” said Hartman.

Hartman says it’s more of an inconvenience rather than a setback. The main pharmacy area was not hit and is still open for business.

The pharmacy will keep servicing patients the best they can until the rebuild is done.

The driver of the truck had non-life threatening injuries and police continue to investigate what caused the driver to leave the road.