Tree topples near 55th and Leavenworth

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- This is one of those glass-half-empty or glass-half-full things. Is this a mighty "Humbug" direct from Mother Nature? Or is it her donation to the tree-centric holiday?

Tree topples near 55th and Leavenworth

Maybe it was just a Grinching wind.

Wherever your predilections take you on that, it's irrelevant if you're one of the people called on to fix things.

Omaha's dauntless thing-fixers were called out to 55th and Leavenworth on Sunday to help remedy a toppled pine, felled at its cracked trunk, with a good chunk of the rest of it threatening power lines while the whole of the mishap put a squeeze on neighborhood traffic.

There was no word of any injuries.

Just one less pine. There's a lot of that going around this time of year.