Travel company gives tough choice to disappointed seniors

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 7:48 PM CDT
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A travel company explains why tour customers demanding a refund would lose one-third of their payment. That means dozens of senior citizens in the Omaha area may be dealing with a tough decision.

A highlight of an eleven-day European trip,

has been postponed two years. Tour customers who paid $5,000 each demand a full refund.

Jeff Ment, the travel company attorney said, “You can’t give back what you don’t have.”

He says many vendors in Europe had to be prepaid.

“Airlines, hotels, motor coach transfers, tour guides. Its paid suppliers but suppliers don’t have to refund the money,” said Ment.

Nawas International offers a partial refund with the company keeping $1,150 from each passenger’s payment.

“They’re hitting us up for a third of their loss. Now come on, Nawa, that’s not right,” said Tony Staup, a customer.

Many Passion Play tourists bought travel insurance but that’s not always forgiving.

“That's pretty much across the board in the travel insurance arena, pandemics is something that is typically not covered,” said Connie Stringer with AAA.

Nawas Tour Company offers four options involving credit for future trips like the passion play in two years.

Our call to the travel company attorney led to a deadline, May 29th that’s when the tour customers will have to sign off on one of the options which would include losing $1,150 if they choose a refund.

We’ve learned at least two unrelated church groups from the Omaha area booked the Passion Play trip with the same Connecticut travel company. About 80 tour passengers are senior citizens. The attorney for the travel company says the offers go above and beyond to give those customers their money’s worth.