Omaha trash piling up with collection delays

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Waste Management delayed recycling collection again over the weekend as trash collected along the streets.

"It's been here now almost four days, so it's really frustrating," said Mark Peterson of Omaha.

The City of Omaha Public Works Department announced over the weekend that waste removal will focus on trash and yard waste, and check recycling to the curb for now.

Waste Management says its trucks are experiencing an "increased amount" of garbage as of late, and also blame this week's hailstorm, several inches of rain, and the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

"I talked to some other neighbors and they asked me why the trash hadn't been picked up yet and I told them I didn't know," said Peterson, who has lived in North Omaha for nearly 20 years. "I've never seen this happen where they actually missed the day."

The city is now a day behind collecting his trash, and his neighbors’ trash. Garbage bags were tied and tossed on the pavement, piled inside bins to the brim and beyond.

Omaha's solid waste program website, "Wasteline," said garbage and yard waste collection will be completed by Sunday.

"We haven't heard anything or seen anything," Peterson said.

The unwanted stench and unsightly view lingered as city waste rushed to collect the remaining garbage.

"It's definitely not, when you step outside of your house, the breath of fresh air that you like to get this time of year."

In a news release from the city, Public Works said wet conditions caused longer turnaround times for garbage trucks.

Waste Management brought in more staff to help with the amount of trash.