Traffic troubles continue to haunt the metro after snow pushes through

 Traffic troubles continue after snow pushes through the metro
Traffic troubles continue after snow pushes through the metro (WOWT)
Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 9:04 AM CST
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The metro's traffic troubles continued after the snow had pushed through on Monday morning.

Blondo was shut down near 68th Street when a fire truck responding to an accident slid on the slick pavement. The truck wound up stuck sideways, blocking traffic. Sand and tow trucks were ordered to the scene.

The truck was eventually released from the grip of the slick surface and traffic is back to normal.

Traffic was diverted down 68th until a tow truck could move the silver car that was preventing the fire truck from moving.

Captain Steve Zeleney, with the Omaha Fire Department, said they were trying to respond to a rollover crash at 70th and Blondo but cars were blocking the way forcing the fire truck to stop on a hill.

Their truck started to slide backwards on the ice. Thankfully they were able to stop before causing any damage.

Captain Zeleney said, "Anyplace with hills, the snow is packed. And it's just causing icy conditions which cars, if they're not four wheel drive, are having a very hard time maneuvering about today."

The fire truck was eventually freed from the slippery grip of the pavement restoring the flow of traffic on Blondo.

6 News crews found several cars on the sides of the road or even in ditches as the snow fell Monday.

On Twitter Omaha Police asked drivers to slow down and give each other some space to slow down and stop.

Police also offer a reminder to avoid leaving your keys in your unattended car unattended while it’s warming up. That’s an invitation to thieves.

The main roads throughout the metro and even the interstates seem to be clear for now but the residential roads will take longer to plow.

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