Town breathes a sigh of relief as post office reopens

Published: Mar. 7, 2017 at 4:20 PM CST
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After 5 long months the people of Arlington Nebraska are welcoming back their previously damaged post office.

Last September construction to a neighboring building led to heavy damage being done to the Arlington post office, which meant that the building had to be closed for repairs.

While it was closed Arlington residents had to use the Fremont post office.

The extra drive was an inconvenience for many in the town but some were worried that if the post office remained closed for much longer it could affect the future of the town.

A former mayor of Arlington, Tom Brown, feels that having the post office back means things can finally get back to normal in Arlington.

"You kind of lose your identity if you don't have a post office…I think the people are really relieved that its back " he said

No one in Arlington was happier about the post office reopening than Leigh Mueller, the postmaster for the town.

"Today means heart healing…it's great to be back with our customers and see them, they are so special to us"

With the doors open again the city has no plans to close its post office again any time soon.