Tornado described as 'odd' and 'quiet' surprises South Dakota town

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MARTIN, S.D. -- A tornado described as "odd" by a number of witnesses quietly touched down near Martin, South Dakota Saturday.

It caught people off guard as it made its way to the ground and quietly spun in one spot.

Marlon Bunny said, "I looked to my right as the tornado went to the ground. I looked over - there it was. You just kind of go 'wow.' You want to get away from it."

Once the funnel cloud was reported to Bennett County Emergency Management several storm spotters headed out to find the storm about 10 miles west of Martin. Law enforcement blocked Highway 18 to turn traffic around and Emergency Manager Jeff Siscoe said at least two homes were evacuated.

There were no injuries reported and damage was limited. Siscoe said between the half dollar sized hail and the winds one unoccupied home was damaged. The house's windows were blown out and the tin roof shingles were torn off.