Topics for holiday talk include the flu this year

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The flu is part of the dialogue in the metro as we hit the stretch run of the holidays.

The talk around the tree this year includes words like influenza

The Russell family has been talking about it while tending to the trappings of the season’s festivities. A couple of years ago Ellen came down with the flu around Christmastime and it changed the entire holiday.

Her husband Wayne said, “When you have to step up and do things that someone else usually does you can tell a big difference when someone’s sick in the family.”

Wayne and Ellen are hosting Christmas dinner. Ellen has done a lot of work and a lot of shopping to prepare. She also worried a little.

“You got people coming, you go out in public shopping and you have to worry is anybody out there shopping or friends or relatives that come over that may be sick.”

Daughter Katy lives in Chicago and she’s hoping everything goes well and everyone stays well.

“I did hear about the flu outbreak from my mom,” Katy said. “She was telling me about it. Also reached out to family and friends. So we were concerned that we all might not be able to get together and have as much fun as we usually do.”

The major worry: Wayne and Ellen have grandchildren and they want all of them to have a merry Christmas.

Ellen said, “I worry about them bringing over germs from their school but I also don’t want them to be sick when they come.”

Ellen is hoping her family can avoid the flu this Christmas season and have a good time when the family all comes together.