Tools stolen from hairstylist as she prepared for reopening

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Hair salons can reopen with restrictions next week giving stylists the chance to earn money again. But one of them can’t and it has nothing to do with coronavirus.

Sixteen clients booked for next week so stylist Heather Dolezal started getting ready.

“I was excited to be here and see my clients,” said Dolezal.

But her joy cut short by a thief.

Dolezal said, “Actually it was like a punch in the stomach because I was just getting to start to work and it’s all my livelihood.”

The tools heather needs like dryers, scissors, curling irons, and sanitizing equipment.

“We use specific scissors and stuff because they accommodate to our hands,” said Dolezal.

All in gray bags, stolen from her car parked in her driveway as she prepared for a trip to the salon.

“I think he saw that I hadn’t locked it, that I was loading things and coming in and out,” said Dolezal.

The thief took advantage.

These slots where heather put some of her nearly $2,000 in professional styling tools you can see are empty and she worries they’ll be that way for some time until she can find replacements.

Hoping to buy equipment quickly with an insurance claim heather got unexpected news about her coverage.

“Because it was my business property on my home premises then our homeowner's insurance doesn’t cover it,” said Dolezal.

The timing of the theft angers Heather’s son.

“With the whole COVID-19 and her not being able to work, the stress of all that, and now when she’s about able to work she gets all her stuff taken away,” said Maxim.

The theft of her custom cosmetology equipment happened fast. She says she was away for 8 minutes.

The theft happened at about 7:45 a.m. If you can identify the suspect call Omaha Police. There is also a