Tired of waiting for the city, Bob handles pothole repairs himself

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Tired of a bumpy ride through his neighborhood an Omaha homeowner took pothole repairs into his own hands.

The do-it-yourself road repair has been going on near 80th and Pacific.

Though already lifting his fair share as a taxpayer Bob Marble said his street couldn’t wait for a city response so he decided to push ahead.

“I still can’t believe I’m filling potholes,” Marble said. “I should be mowing the grass, actually.”

Bob paid $9 a bag for cold patch to fill potholes. “I’ve always been raised that if you want something done, if you can’t find anybody to do it, you got to do it yourself,” he said. “I think this is a great cause.”

On this day he had help from passing jogger Joe Frost who said, “We drive these roads. We have kids biking these roads. It’s dangerous.”

The neighbors are pouring money, time and energy into patching the street they use. Marble is an account executive but he learned how to fill potholes by Googling and looking at videos.

The city trusts the workmanship.

Street Maintenance Engineer Austin Rowser said, “It’s very commendable they’re helping themselves. Under the city’s policy the property owners are responsible for the long term serviceability and maintenance of non-standard pavements.”

But the city will pitch in on substandard streets that still show signs of life.

Rowser said, “We provide pothole repair while the street is still serviceable. There are some of the streets in that area still in that serviceable threshold - 80th Street is one of them.”

That’s Bob’s street. So the city will relieve him of future pothole duties though neighbors are thankful they didn’t have to wait. “Absolutely, Bob,” one motorist said, “Thanks for helping out and stepping up for the community.”

Told by Six on Your Side that his street is on the city’s repair list Bob headed back to yardwork. But now experienced and equipped he’s ready to patch if a pothole just can’t wait.

Some substandard streets became too costly for constant repairs but the city has a rating system for them. So homeowners can petition for partial funding of improvements on those substandard streets that the city determines are worth fixing.

Bob fixes potholes