Tire changing teen catches eye of State Patrol

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HUMBOLDT, Neb. (WOWT)-- When the family truck blew a flat, 15-year-old Emaly Gerdes didn’t hesitate to get to work fixing it. Now, the southeast Nebraska teen’s hard work is catching the eye of the state patrol.

It started on the return trip home Sunday evening after the Gerdes family dropped a load of pigs off to the butcher in Table Rock. Emaly’s mom, Brooke Gerdes, said they heard the tire make a sound and they knew something was wrong. After pulling over along Highway 4 near Humboldt, dad and daughter went to work.

While Emaly’s dad was working to free the spare tire, she started to loosen the lug nuts off the flat. That’s when a State Trooper stopped by to offer help.

"No thanks, I got it," said Emaly.

The trooper snapped a photo on Twitter, writing “Get after it, Emaly! We’ll see you at the NSP Training Academy someday!”

Brooke says her daughter is a hard worker, she’s always helping and loves making a difference in her community.