Tips on hiring hail repair contractors

Published: May. 28, 2019 at 6:21 PM CDT
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A good prediction after a hail storm is that out-of-state roofers will be swooping in. That doesn’t mean they’re any less reliable than local contractors, but do your homework before hiring anyone.

Hailstones aren’t diamonds, but the damage they cause is worth money to storm-chasing contractors.

“We're going to have a lot of people come out in the neighborhood, and there’ll be fly-by-night people," homeowner Keith Hauger said. "Just check some of their references, find other people they’ve done work for.”

Jim Hegarty, president of the regional Better Business Bureau, recommends checking out anyone you're considering hiring for repair work.

"If somebody just shows up at your house, and is canvassing the neighborhood, you want to gather all of their information, and then check all of that info with the Better Business Bureau before you make a decision," he said.

Longtime Metro-area contractors like Martin Jensen are already surveying roofs and suspect out-of-toners will soon follow.

“Make sure they are equipped to pull permits and they’re going to pull a permit on your property,” Jensen said.

Nate Wegner of TDH Contracting said legitimate customer reviews can be telling.

“That’s where people like to take care of other people, so if there’s any bad stuff that’s gone on with a company, you’re going to find it on that social media page,” Wegner said.

Many contractors won’t ask for money down, but if they do, the Better Business Bureau suggests you only pay a third to start the work.