Tiny house stops in Omaha on big road trip

Published: Jun. 27, 2017 at 5:02 PM CDT
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Sometimes our crews have to travel long distances to find stories, but on Tuesday WOWT 6 News found one right next door in the Mutual of Omaha parking lot.

"I'm Tim. Steph's inside. You guys all know her from Wild Kingdom. This is our new project. We're the Creative Animal Foundation, so we've been kind of challenged to walk our talk,” said Tim Davison.

Tim Davison and Stephanie Arne are from DIY Networks' Tiny House, Big Living. Stephanie also hosts Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. The couple is traveling the country to teach about ways we can all be better stewards of our planet and they are taking their tiny house with them.

"We've been living here for 10 months. We started in Pennsylvania, made our way down the east coast to Florida, now back up. And gonna be hitting 50 cities over the next two years,” Davison told WOWT 6 News.

"This house is only two hundred and three square feet. But look at it. It's open concept,” Stephanie said.

"We know that not everyone's gonna want to get a tiny house, but we wanted to do our best to live sustainablity and show that to the average American say this is how we're doing it. Would you like to help out?” said Tim.

Tim is a native of Wahoo. He and Stephanie share a passion about wildlife. They see their house as a teaching tool.

"We've really cut back on our energy and water and single use plastics which really those demands for those resources are really what's harming a lot of ecosystems all over the planet. So we're doing what we can we're not perfect but we're getting better," said Stephanie.

The couple says it's a big message in a small house.

The Creative Animal Tour will be at several events around the area over the next several weeks. Learn more at the Creative Animal Foundation