Three arrested in roulette table conspiracy at Iowa casino

Published: Jul. 6, 2016 at 4:30 PM CDT
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Three people were arrested and charged with several felonies after an investigation uncovered a conspiracy at the roulette table at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs.

A pit boss/gaming floor supervisor, dealer, and patron are all facing felony charges related to the conspiracy. Investigators believe that the three worked together to move chips to winning numbers or otherwise cheat during a round of roulette. The patron would earn thousands of dollars in winnings, which they allegedly split between the three of them.

Investigators believe over $20,000 was illegally obtained through these means. Iowa DCI Special Agent David Dales spoke with WOWT 6 News about the investigation on Wednesday.

"There was a dealer that was doing some active cheating mechanism on the roulette table at Horseshoe Casino. And there was a patron he was consistently cheating for," said Dales.

Jonathan Rumery, 28, and Cody Schroeder, 28, the supervisor and patron, respectively, are both charged with ongoing criminal conduct, first-degree theft, conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony, and cheating or altering the outcome of a game -- all felonies.

Jonathan Waugh, 24, is charged with one felony count of cheating or altering a game.

"We do see patrons that try to cheat, but with the conspiracy that is alleged in this kind of activity. Where you not only have an employee, but you have a supervisor, that is trying to take advantage from the casino,that was particularly alarming to us that that kind of move was made in this case," said Dales.

The investigation by the Iowa Department of Public Safety's Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Enforcement Operations Bureau began in March 2016.