This week marks three years since Old Market explosion that destroyed M's Pub

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Wednesday marks three years since an explosion and fire rocked the corner of 11th and Howard in the Old Market, destroying M's Pub.

M's Pub and Nouvelle Eve are both back in business, and some people have moved back in to the apartments above the businesses.

What hasn't been settled is who is to blame. There are 15 lawsuits working their way through the court system.

"There's a lot of money involved, so that meant the damages were very large. Thank God no one died, which is one of the minor miracles of the case. There's a lot to figure out. It'a a complex case," Pat Borchers with Creighton University School of Law said.

Several months after the explosion, the state fire marshal determined that the natural gas pipeline hit by a fiber-optics digging crew was not adequately marked by M.U.D.

M.U.D. has disputed those findings.

The first trial is expected to begin in December.

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