This is why snowmen are always smiling

Published: Feb. 25, 2019 at 2:46 PM CST
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If you’re not shoveling it, falling on it, freezing in it or driving through it – there’s a certain majesty to a good wintry wallop.

Angela Broderick shared the picture of the wind-whipped, breeze-swirled, drifting snow before the shovel crews and machine jockeys opened fire on it.

“Gorgeous,” Angela said. She calls it, “Snow Art.”

Which is probably a far cry from what you were calling it over the weekend but you have to admit, if you’re not tangling with the stuff, it does make you smile.

Elsewhere in the art world, John Young Jr. shared the picture he calls, “Icicle Falls,” the confluence of winter, water and gravity. It’s as close as a house can get to a bling thing.

And Marty Wheeler Burnett captured the picture of what she sized up as “Lutheran humor,” in the form of the sign outside St. Mark Lutheran Church. The sign notes: “Jesus loves me, This I snow.”

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