TMUS: Special care in the air for Omaha family

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Traveling by plane with a child can be a stressful situation, but one flight attendant made that experience a little easier for an Omaha family.

Courtesy of The Redding Family

Little Xayvior was traveling with his family when he had a meltdown.

The child suffers from a rare genetic disease called Methylmalonic Acidemia, or MMA.

The disease was the reason for the flight. The family was traveling to the National Institute for Health in Maryland for a study of Xayvior and his sibling. At the institute, he was diagnosed with autism as well.

On the return trip back home, during a flight from Washington D.C. to Georgia, Xayvior had his meltdown. His mother said that everyone on the plane was staring and seemed annoyed.

An angel in the form of a Delta flight attendant swooped in and volunteered to walk Xayvior up and down the cabin to calm him down, easing the stress on the family.

The child's mother reached out with her story on Facebook in hopes of finding the name of the helpful flight attendant.

Amanda Amburgy was identified as Delta Air Lines flight attendant, the angel in disguise, who helped the little boy have an easier flight.

“We are proud of Amanda and our Delta team members around the globe who go above and beyond each day to help customers make lasting memories," the airline said in a statement to 6 News.

This is making us smile.