Thieves stealing custom trucks in broad daylight

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A teenager's dream pickup truck was stolen before he hardly had a chance to drive it.

(Truck in picture does not depict trucks stolen)

The teen isn't the only vehicle owner wondering if thieves are targeting parking lots in broad daylight.

Conner Swanson's truck was found, but the 16-year-old was left with expensive repairs to get the vehicle running again.

"I save up from mowing and snow plowing to buy it and they steal it after eight days of owning it,' Swanson said.

The thief popped open the door and tampered with the ignition to steal the 2001 custom rebuilt Ford out of Creighton Prep's north parking lot in the middle of the school day.

"It's pretty common on these locks to just punch the lock in," Swanson said.

A week later and three miles away, the same thing happened to Jack Holloran.

"He took some tool and slid it in here to jimmy the door open," Holloran explained. "There's a lock on the steering wheel for anti-theft, but he messed it up pretty good in here and got both my door handles."

The 1999 Chevy truck was parked in a lot during a work day.

"I think that they're targeting older generation SUVs and pickups," Holloran said.

The custom wheels and tires might have caught the eye of the thief, but luckily they have wheel locks to keep them from being stolen.

The thief abandoned Swanson's pickup after driving it several days, damaging headlights, the bumper, the tailgate and the ignition.

"The hard work paid off and you got the truck, but now it's going to take some more hard work to get it back where it was," Mike Swanson, Conner's father said.

Creighton Prep's principal said this was the first vehicle stolen from the campus that he can remember. School parking lots have cameras and more are being added.

Police have video, but haven't said if the pickup theft might be related to daylight crimes in other parking lots.