Thieves claw through metro neighborhood's vehicles

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Nearly a dozen people near 90th and Maplewood woke up to find vehicles ransacked and a mess left behind Tuesday morning.

Sarah Deselms’ Jeep was stolen. “For somebody to come into my driveway and steal my vehicle, it's pretty low, actually."

Brian Legge was tallying property damages before he realized the scope of the crime. “I didn't think too much about it until the police showed up and then the entire neighborhood started bugging the officer."

Legge and several other neighbors had their vehicles ransacked. The ignition was broken in one of his pickups. Belongings were thrown around.

Police looked for clues along the street. They say some unlocked doors made it easier for anyone to snoop around.

Legge said this was a bold affront. "It wasn't parked on the street. They came all the way in the driveway, lights on, so they were pretty daring."

Along with the mess, there was a frustration left in the neighborhood but Legge is optimistic. "I'm pretty sure they'll get caught,” he said. “I mean, thieves aren't exactly the smartest people."

Sarah Deselms aimed her thoughts directly to the thief: "Hopefully, if you're watching this, you get caught and my Jeep is returned."

Some of the victims tell us they plan on investing in security cameras so they can have a better eye on what's happening outside in the future.