Theater kicks out mom and baby

Published: Aug. 3, 2016 at 10:33 PM CDT
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This past weekend, Kendra Haifley and her friends planned a girls night out at the movies.

They bought tickets to see the new R-rated film "Bad Moms" at Lincoln's East Park Marcus Theatre. Haifley brought her 9-month-old son, Silas along, because she couldn't find a babysitter. But as soon as she sat down, she got kicked out.

The mall rent-a-cop came in and asked me to leave otherwise he was going to call the cops, is what he said,” Haifley told WOWT 6 News. “He informed me that was the policy that a child under the age of 6 couldn't be in the movie theater. He was concerned about the content of the film that I was going to be exposing my 9-month-old to.”

Even though the film industry allows parents to bring children into R-rated movies, theaters can make their own rules. WOWT 6 News found two different policies on Marcus Theatres' website: one doesn't ban children under 6, the other does.

“I purchased my ticket ahead of time online and never once did I see anything about an age policy. The only thing it said is the person purchasing the ticket 17 or older, which clearly, I am,” said Haifley.

Rather than argue with management, Haifley and her friends left and now she understands the policy.

In a statement, Marcus Theatres told WOWT 6 News: "This approach has become commonplace in movie theatres across the country, and our policy is similar to that of several of our competitors. R-rated movies are intended for mature audiences to enjoy in an adult setting."

Still, Haifley thinks the rules are wrong.

“What it comes down to is, I'm an adult, and I can make responsible choices for my children,” she said.

The theatre did give Haifley a full refund and movie passes to come back to another show.