Jason Devers found guilty of murder

Published: Mar. 29, 2019 at 12:24 PM CDT
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A Douglas County jury has found Jason Devers guilty of murder.

He faced trial for the

The case wrapped up Thursday and the jury reached the verdict around noon on Friday.

Along with the murder conviction, Devers was also found guilty of a weapons charge.

Regarding the third charge he faced, Devers was acquitted of Possession of a Gun by a Prohibited Person.

LeFlore, an Army Sgt., here in Omaha on leave, was robbed and killed outside the Reign nightclub in January of last year.

The state said Devers wasn't the shooter but that he planned it, picked out the target to rob of gold chains, and provided the getaway car.

"My son meant a lot to me. And my heart. To the whole family. He made an impact in our lives and we have that and we aren't going to let the devil destroy that or tear that apart," LeFlore's mother, Monica LeFlore said.

The first-degree murder charge was due to aiding in a robbery that ended in death.

Jason Devers’ defense argued the key female witness is a pathological liar and the jailhouse snitch should be writing fiction for a living.

Devers is scheduled for sentencing on June 11.

More coverage can be found here.

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