That river you went over? Those woods you went through? Yeah, they're jammed!

Published: Nov. 26, 2017 at 8:28 AM CST
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Heads up, travelers! Time to resurrect the wishbone offense. So grab that turkey stick, give it a tug and start wishing for a way around the traffic you’re facing on the trek back home.

If it doesn't work, AAA says you're going to be sharing the highways, airports, rail tracks and waterways with nearly 51 million Americans on your way back. You probably passed them on your way forth. Now, guess where they're all headed.

According to AAA, 50.9 million travelers in the U.S. are on the move, chugging at least 50 miles from home this holiday weekend and that's up 3.3% from last year. The travel experts say the 2017 crowd is the biggest bunch of peripatetic Thanksgiving celebrants in motion since 2005.

AAA and INRIX, a global transportation analytics company, predict travel times in the most congested cities in the U.S. during the holiday week could be as much as three times longer than the optimal trip.

Blame it on the draw of the bird and the cash in your pocket. Bill Sutherland, AAA senior vice president, Travel and Publishing, says, "A strong economy and labor market are generating rising incomes and higher consumer confidence, fueling a strong year for the travel industry.”

That’s VP-speak for -

”It’s wicked crowded out there


The Thanksgiving holiday travel period is defined as Wednesday, November 22nd through Sunday, November 26th. That's today. So give that wishbone a stern yank and see what happens. Otherwise plan accordingly and good luck!

We’ve attached a few links in this story to help you along the way.

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