Update: Texas couple stranded in Omaha after falling for RV scam

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A Texas couple thought their luck had changed when they drove to Omaha. Turns out their bargain purchase was a fraud; the address of an Omaha business was hijacked by foreign con artists.

Believing they finally got a break in life, a Texas couple sat brokenhearted on the lawn of the business after learning the truth. "When you are desperate you overlook things,” said Charlotte Richie.

Richie and Ken Posey found an RV for sale online. "I was going to have a kitchen where I could cook again,” Richie told Six On Your Side.

Emails told them the female seller was in the military and being deployed. The scammer said the RV belonged to a recently deceased husband and that was the reason for a low price of $2,000.

"There are such things as good things happening and we needed a place to live. We thought maybe this was our chance,” said Richie. She used cash cards to pay the online seller. "Every dime we had."

The couple decided to pick up the RV themselves so they wouldn’t need to pay a shipper any more money. The couple drove a 1994 Pathfinder, the only property they say they have to their names, all the way from Texas. It was a 14-hour drive straight to Omaha hoping to find their RV.

The shipper listed an Omaha address, 3506 Keystone Drive, the location for Steve Westerfield's business, but he had to tell the couple there was no RV. Scammers hijacked the address to fool victims.

"You are probably the 15th person we've heard from, only the second who has come in but it’s the same deal. They're cloning ads and using our address,” said Westerfield.

The Humane Society offered to provide feed for the couple’s dog and Westerfield gave them cash to get by for a few days. “I'll make sure you get this back you,” Ken told Westerfield.

"You help somebody else out. I'm really sorry what happened to you,” Westerfield responded.

The Texas couple thought they'd leave Omaha in a home on wheels. Instead, they're staying for a while, hoping their luck will change.

The situation didn't sit right with viewers. One started a GoFundMe page for the couple. "I've never had my hand out like this and I appreciate the help, I do,” says Richie.

Another viewer offered to give them an RV next week. While buying a Nebraska shirt, a store owner gave them three more. The Comfort Inn provided a room for a few nights.