Test results for 13 possibly infected with coronavirus will take days to confirm

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The test results of 13 people possibly infected with the coronavirus being cared for at UNMC’s National Quarantine Unit will take “several more days” to complete, according to officials.

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Nebraska Medicine issued an update Tuesday morning, stating the Nebraska Public Health Lab had completed testing on the 13 people who arrived in Omaha Monday.

The tests need to be confirmed by the Centers of Disease Control, “which will take additional time.”

“We do want to commend the efforts of the folks at the Nebraska Public Health Lab, who have worked tirelessly to provide not only these test results, but others for the community,” a spokesman for Nebraska Medicine said Tuesday.

County hotline still available

The Douglas County Health Department said Tuesday call volume into the hotline has been low. [INFO]

Those who are calling in seem to be mostly asking for "solid information on how the disease is spread," a DCHD spokesman said.

Justin Frederick, Supervisor of Communicable Disease Epidemiology with the DCHD said people in Omaha who have returned from mainland China -students on holiday or people for business reasons - have been in contact with health officials.

“Since the end of January, we’ve been monitoring just over 50 people,” Frederick said. “The monitoring process is we contact them once a day. We ask them about their temperature from the previous night and this morning and any symptoms they might be having. Of those 50 people the majority are done with their monitoring.”

Frederick added they are asking anyone who has returned from China to self-report to the health department for further recommendations on how to self-monitor and to stay home from work until cleared by the health department.